Shehaweh 1993
Director: Jean Beaudin
Writers: Jacques Gary & Fernand Dansereau

Stars: Flint Eagle, Marina Orsini, Luc Picard
Radio Canada Production

Shehaweh aired in Quebec with 5, 48 minute episodes in 1993 on Télévision de Radio-Canada. It was nominated for 14 Gemini Awards.

In the early days of the colony of New France, the young Native American Shehaweh is kidnapped by Wendat warriors. Colonists come to her rescue and entrust her to Marguerite Bourgeoys who baptizes and begins her education. Shehaweh becomes a young woman and is deported to France by the Marquis de Tracy and presented to the court of Louis XIV. After disobeying her patroness, she is locked at the Pitié-Salpêtrière. A few years later, she returns to New France as the daughter of the king, and is forced to marry. After two years of marriage, she leaves her husband and tries to convince Frontenac to allow her to return with her family. (Source: Cinémathèque québécoise)

Gemini Awards, 1993

Best Director, Drama: Jean Beaudin

Best Cinematography: Pierre Mignot

Prix Gémeaux 1993 - Best Sound, Drama: Michel Charron, Jérôme Décarie, Marcel Pothier, Hans Peter Strobl, Raymond Vermette

Best production design: François Séguin

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Best costumes: Renée April

Best original music: Richard Grégoire

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