Premiere: October 1, 2008
Final show: December 31, 2011


To establish the set design concept, I started with a form inspired by the astrolabe.

I also wanted to fill the whole stage as if it were a frame from a film. In terms of aesthetics, the design evokes the Renaissance and the Mechanical Age.

François Séguin

Zed premiered on October 1, 2008 at the Cirque du Soleil Theater, Tokyo Disney Resort, in Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by the Tarot and its Arcana; the main character Zed represents humanity. Zed's journey allows humanity to discover itself by uniting the people of the earth and sky.

Inspiration for the set design came from the astrolabe. The stage evokes the High Renaissance and the beginning of the Mechanical Age. Brass and copper components represent mechanical gears. The globe above the stage shows the meridians and lines of latitude, while on the floor, there is the Milky Way and phases of the moon. Also seen throughout the stage and show is the "Zed Alpha"—a 26-letter alphabet created for the show.



Artistic guide: Gilles Ste-Croix
Executive producer: Francois Macerola
Writer and director: François Girard
Creation director: Line Tremblay
Set designer: François Séguin
Costume designer: Renée April
Composer and arranger: René Dupéré
Lighting designer: David Finn
Choreographer: Debra Brown, Jean-Jacques Pillet
Sound designer: François Bergeron
Acrobatic equipment and rigging designer: Scott Osgood
Acrobatic performance designer: Florence Pot
Make-up designer: Eleni Uranis
Production manager: Michael Anderson
Guest creator-dramatist: Serge Lamothe


Zed: Represents the Fool of the Tarot and is the main character in Zed.
Nouit: Representative of the starry sky, she is a singer and the incarnation of the Great Goddess, Mother of the Sky.
Erato: the Goddess of Heaven.
Abraka: As a representation of the Magician in Tarot, he is the father of Earth and another one of the singers.
Kernoon: singer, represents the Tarot card of the Devil.
Shaman: As representative of the Hierophant (i.e. the Pope) in the Tarot, the Shaman guides Zed throughout his journey.
Djinn: Accompanies the Shaman and is the bringer of light and fire.
Clowns: Two clowns named Oulai and Nalai